Facebook Ads: Transforming a Chicago denim factory into a national brand

Client: Dearborn Denim - A Chicago denim factory that is changing the way American buys jeans by offering designer-quality denim for less than $50 thanks to a factory direct business model.

Challenge: Beat Dearborn Denim's Google AdWords' new customer acquisition cost by finding an alternative for less than $15.

Solution: I recognized Facebook Ads' potential to introduce this fledgling brand to local customers. 

Results: Using a combination of captivating copy, specific targeting, effective landing pages and A/B testing, I brought Dearborn Denim's new customer acquisition cost down to just over $3. 

Since our partnership, Dearborn Denim has expanded rapidly, opened its first brick-and-mortar shop and has gained a following in Chicago and around the country. 

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