About BLOOM Digital Marketing

Ana Cvetkovic, BLOOM Digital Marketing CEO

Ana Cvetkovic, BLOOM Digital Marketing CEO

BLOOM's founder Ana Cvetkovic (pronounced TSVET-ko-veech) is an award-winning multimedia marketing storyteller who leverages her unique background to achieve results for BLOOM's clients.

The root of her last name means “flower” in Serbian. "BLOOM" was a logical, and personal, name for a creative agency committed to helping its clients’ businesses grow.

This is Ana’s story

In 2012 I launched Better Than Ramen, a passion project that quickly became Washington, DC’s second most-read food blog, according to Zomato.

Over the course of six years I reviewed hundreds of restaurants around the world for my blog.

I noticed that while many restaurants knew how to make incredible dishes, provide fantastic service, and create a memorable in-person experience, many couldn’t replicate this experience online.

Because more than half of all restaurant-goers look up restaurants online before deciding where to eat, I realized that restaurants were potentially deterring half of their customers if their online presence didn’t match the quality of their in-person experience.

While working for a major cultural attraction in Chicago, I also noticed that businesses in the tourism industry weren’t fully leveraging their physical presence to attract customers online.

These problems led me to launch BLOOM Digital Marketing to help the hospitality and tourism industries fill the gap between their in-person and digital experiences.

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