Social Media With Purpose

We create goal-oriented social media marketing strategies based on your business’ unique characteristics.

Whether you're just launching your business' social media presence, want to overhaul your social strategy, or need someone to take social off your hands so that you can focus on what only you can do for your business, you're in good hands with BLOOM's experienced social media team. Learn more about the BLOOM difference below.

No tweeting for Twitter’s sake!

With the popularity of social media, it’s easy to think that your business needs to be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest AND Snapchat. The truth is that each social network has its own audience and purpose. We can identify and manage the platforms that will give you the most ROI.

We specialize in the following social networks:


We were faced with the challenge of finding a brand-new social media consultant to come in at the last-minute and manage a critical public-facing campaign—and we were lucky to find Ana. She stepped into our team seamlessly, pinpointed what needed to be done and how best to organize it, and then executed the project as if she’d been working with us for years. I’d recommend her highly. - Billie Cohen, Digital Director at

Engaging content

We take an editorial approach to social media so that your followers come to your brand thanks to meaningful content, rather than hit "unfollow" because of posts that read like ads. 

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Beautiful visuals

Social media marketing is about so much more than pretty pictures and graphics, but stunning visuals are what stop your followers from scrolling and compel them to read your post. We offer graphic design and photography services to our social media clients.

Solutions & services:

  • Social media audit – We'll analyze your social media performance and recommend focus areas for most growth.

  • Social media strategy – The master plan that will turn posts into sales.

  • Social media management – Writing, adding images to and scheduling social media posts.

  • Community management – Engaging with your social media audience on a regular basis.

  • Social media ad campaigns – Attract new customers in ways that traditional advertising never could.

  • Growth hacking – Quick solutions for growing an engaged audience.


Ana added more value to my business in two months than any other consultant to Luxe Bloom.

After being awarded the “Official Flower of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” we needed a professional to drive social media engagement and analytics. Ana stepped in and added value from day one… Luxe Bloom will work with Ana again the next chance we can!” - Shelley Rosen, CEO of Luxe Bloom