Content: How do you take a classic brand like the Smithsonian and make it relevant to millennials?

Challenge: How do you take an age-old institution like the Smithsonian and make it relevant to millennials?

"[Ana] is a fast editor, has an eye for digital storytelling and is able to connect and work with all of our staff, from curators to scientists and from Directors to interns. Her producing and editing expertise have brought our marketing videos to a higher level of quality, helping the Smithsonian reach younger audiences with videos that are snappy, fun and engaging. Our entire office loves working with Ana."
- Erika Ferrin, Brand Marketing Manager, Smithsonian Institution

Solution: Make videos that they can consume on social media.

  • I directed, filmed and edited 13 videos for the Smithsonian’s Seriously Amazing marketing campaign.
  • By keeping the videos under 1-minute long and using on-screen text and flashy graphics, the videos were easily digestible on Facebook and Twitter.


  • The videos activated and engaged an audience that is native to social media.
  • The videos got about 100K views.
  • The videos received 2.7K engagements.

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