Our team specializes in multimedia storytelling. We can help you develop and execute a content strategy that will draw the right audiences to convert them into customers.


Beyond choosing the right words to tell you company's story, we take an analytical, data-driven approach to content marketing. We uncover what you need to be publishing on your website to get the most coveted spots on Google's search results to reach audiences who are looking for what you offer at the time when they need it most. We use blogging and copywriting to convert readers into customers.

Our specialties:

  • SEO-driven content strategy

  • B2B and B2C Blogging

Custom Videos

Videos are the fastest-growing marketing medium. Videos allow you to explain your products in ways that photos and text cannot. Having produced videos for clients from food blogs to the Smithsonian to the Federal Reserve, we know how to turn any topic into a compelling and quick visual story.

Our specialties:

  • Videos optimized for social media

  • Buzzfeed Tasty-style how-to videos

Other Content Capabilities

While we don't offer them as standalone services, BLOOM offers graphic design and photography as add-ons to our social media services.